We are proud of our extensive product range of shrubs and ornamental shrubs, hedge plants, conifers and grasses. With more than 250 varieties, we can provide the professional market with an excellent service.

We supply plants that have been grown in containers or in the open ground. Even the actual delivery is characterised by maximum precision and quality. As a team, we are committed to our plants and what we deliver. Please contact Dennis or Ellen, who will be happy to assist you with your order. View a small selection of our product range below.


List of products

If you would like to download a list of the products in our range, you can do so here. 

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Ornamental shrubs

We grow more than 200 varieties of perennial and evergreen shrubs in the open ground and in 10 – 15-l and 20-l containers.

The main crops are:

- Buddleja
- Cornus
- Deutzia
- Euonymus
- Hydranchea
- Ilex
- Ligustrum
- Photinia 
- Prunus
- Spiraea
- Viburnum

Product range Ornamental shrubs

Hedge plants

Our range of hedge plants is characterised by exceptional quality and a decent root system. 

- Ilex
- Photinia
- Prunus 
- Taxus

Product range hedge plants


We grow conifers and taxus in both open ground and pots. The main crops are:

- Chamaecyparis
- Cupressocyparis
- Juniperus
- Thuja's

Product range Conifers

Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are increasingly common in modern gardens, we grow:

- Carex
- Miscanthus
- Panicum
- Pennisetum

Product range ornamental grasses

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